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Welcome to Farr from Fear - Cancer Trauma Coaching

Welcome to Farr from Fear

Welcome to the Farr from Fear cancer coaching space! I'm Jenn Farr, your Cancer trauma coach. Let me share a bit about myself and how I can support your journey.

My Cancer Journey Begins - ReVeal my Story

It all started in 2012 when I discovered a lump on my left breast, leading to a diagnosis of DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ), breast cancer. This led to a double mastectomy in early 2013 with reconstruction. Although my medical team suggested starting tamoxifen, I decided against it due to concerns about early menopausal symptoms, especially at the young age of 36.

Reconstruction and Recovery

In early 2016, I pursued nipple reconstruction and micropigmentation to enhance the aesthetic appearance of my areola. These procedures were steps toward regaining a sense of normalcy and femininity, which I believe many of you can relate to. Each decision to return to a place of trauma—the hospital—was something I felt I had to walk through and show up for myself in. 

Facing Cancer Again

Despite feeling recovered and having a some semblance of normalcy begin to return, my journey took another daunting turn when I discovered a new lump under my left armpit. The same side where the initial tumour was found by me. This led to chemotherapy treatments, radiation and another surgery to remove 21 lymph nodes. The recurrence was a stark reminder of cancer's persistence and how it had changed my appearance and life dramatically.

My Role as Your Cancer Coach

In this new chapter as your cancer trauma coach, I am driven by a profound belief in the power of connection and support. Through my studies and experiences, I've learned that a shift in mindset and thought wellness can significantly aid our healing processes. I believe we are all made up of matter and energy and that we, in fact, can have a profound impact in our own healing abilities from within. 

Walking Your Journey With You

I acknowledge every unique journey without comparison. My commitment is to meet you where you are, help you uncover and navigate your own story, and assist in redefining your path forward, whatever that may look like for you. 

Ongoing Community and Strength

Whether you're newly diagnosed, in treatment, or navigating post-cancer life, I understand that the need for support often extends beyond traditional medical offerings. I'm here to provide more personalized, ongoing support and to foster a community where we are truly stronger together. This goes for caregivers too!!! 

My digital coaching program is a self-paced and discreet 

Thank You for Joining

Thank you for joining me on this journey of recovery, resilience, and rediscovery. 
ReVeal - ReLease - ReDefine


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