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No Baby Pigeons Book Trailer and Pre-Sale Waitlist

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No Baby Pigeons Pre-Sale Waitlist

Enter your full information below to be placed on the waitlist for your personally signed copy. 


Cancer Journeyers and Caregivers

Free 45 Minute Discovery Call

To further discuss how we can work together in a 1:1 virtual and discreet environment, book your free 45 minute discovery call below.

I have some questions...

The first 15 minutes are set aside to simply meet and greet one another.

The additional 30 minutes allow us to go deeper into your current fears and discuss how I might be able to guide you through this phase in your cancer journey. 

1:1 Coaching sessions provide a personalized, dedicated approach. Whatever phase or stage you are in, I'm here to guide you through thought wellness routines. 

Additionally, I offer a comprehensive, self-directed digital program that includes detailed, pre-recorded lessons and workbooks in each of its three modules, with tools and tips to teach you how to navigate from fear to forward. 

Cancer impacts us all. Family, friends, loved ones. 

We may not know what to say or how to show up in the cancer journey. 
Let me help you walk through your own fears and narratives while providing you with guidance on how to support your loved one. 

I am currently working through my Cancer coaching certification through an accredited facility, the Cancer Wellness Institute. 

While no academic qualifications are currently required to become a cancer coach, investing in this specialized training allows me to be professionally educated in addition to coaching from personal experience.

Digital Coaching Program


Master fear and adjust outcomes through revealing and altering your internal narratives.

There is healing in revealing.


Break through former belief systems and discover a new path to thought wellness.

Create space for newness.


Setting intentions to redefine your new reality while forming new thought wellness routines.

From fear to forward.


I have some questions...

These courses have been designed with the intent to provide a safe, self-paced environment to support your cancer journey.  To get the most out of these courses, you must be willing to work through the video content, the materials provided, and be willing and open to a change within your mindset. 

There are seven lessons within each module, with bonus material. The intent is to provide content that addresses fearful narratives through the principles of thought wellness.

The time required to move through each course will depend on the individual's willingness to participate in their own healing journey. Once purchased, however, access is unlimited and it is encouraged to revisit and re-affirm your newly formed thought wellness routine.

With the willingness to believe that thoughts become things and that we can activate the stress receptors and hormones based on thought alone, my goal is to move you forward from fear through re-programming conditioned thought patterns and fear-based narratives.


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