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I created a Book Trailer and Officially Published my Book!!!

My very first book, No Baby Pigeons - Navigating Cancer through Thought Wellness is OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED!!!  

After more than a year of pouring out my heart and soul into my very first book, I am so proud to yell out from the roof tops - IT IS PUBLISHED!!! 

Be sure to register for your paperback copy on my home page!!! 

So much soul and love and grit has been put into these pages with the intent to not only reveal my own personal journey through two cancer journeys, but to guide others navigating the cancer journey to a new way of thinking. A way of thinking that transcends beyond conventional norms. A way of thinking thoughts that can literally alter the cells within your body - even those plagued by cancer. 

Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts” — Deepak Chopra

Check out the book trailer I created...

 I love to create. I never realized just how much I enjoy the creative process. The moment I begin to create, the moments in between, and the moments of gratitude I feel for the completion of a project. Check out my book trailer above. It's pretty ok, I think. ;) 


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