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Healing in Revealing your Cancer Story

There's healing in revealing your cancer journey and acknowledging the emotions that surface, even the dark ones. 

My ReVeal

My cancer journey began unexpectedly in October 2012, with a diagnosis that turned my world upside down. The initial diagnosis led to a double mastectomy surgery, which marked the beginning of a long road to recovery, filled with challenges, revelations, and moments of alienation from my own body.

The recurrence in 2016 came with a whole new set of fears and what if scenarios that played out in my head. My stories were that of fear and flight and surviving in crisis mode. Yet, it also presented an opportunity to face my new reality with a different mindset, and learn how to change my story from that of a fear-based one to a forward-based one.

Despite the shock and the "what the double eff kicks" moments, this journey became the cornerstone to becoming a cancer coach and showing up for all of you in this space. 

The Power of the ReVeal

Revealing your story is a powerful aspect of the healing process. It not only helps in processing your own experiences but also offers solace and connection to others navigating similar paths. Sharing promotes a sense of community and understanding that is vital in the journey of healing. 

Grappling with the New Normal

Adjusting to life after cancer treatment involves confronting the changes in your body and lifestyle. Embracing these changes is essential for moving forward, even when it means letting go of previous aspects of your life. Letting go of old narratives and old belief systems that you may wrestle with in this new normal.  

Transitioning to Support Others

Inspired by my experiences, I transitioned from a corporate high-tech job to becoming a cancer coach. This role allows me to offer support, guidance, and understanding to others on their cancer journeys, emphasizing the importance of sharing stories and showing up for oneself.

The Power of Community and Authenticity

Launching a podcast and engaging with a community of cancer journeyers underscored the healing power of collective storytelling and authenticity. By normalizing discussions around cancer, we pave the way for deeper understanding, support, and healing. Have a listen here: 
Navigating Cancer Farr from Fear Podcast

Offering a Safe Space to Learn how to Master your Fears

The journey through cancer is deeply personal, and the digital self-paced series aims to offer insights, exercises, and reflections to aid in your healing process. The accompanying workbooks provide a structured framework to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Additionally, virtual 1:1 coaching is available for whatever phase you are in your journey. I also provide coaching for caregivers, as we are all affected my cancer. Check out my home page for information on how to book a discovery call. 

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

Thank you for coming to my site to uncover the resources to help you navigate your cancer journey. I express deep gratitude for your courage to invest in your healing journey during this tender time. The decision to engage in this process is a significant step toward self-discovery and healing. Consider subscribing to stay informed. 


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